Hello again!

Yeah, I know: the blog is dead. But that’s what they’ve been saying about the novel for…how many years now? 40? And as far as I can tell, people still read (and buy) novels. By the same token, I think people still read blogs. Old, established ones. New, shiny ones. Even newly-resuscitated ones by authors who were pretty spotty bloggers in the first place… *shifty eyes*

So, I’m back. This time, I vow to forego all the behind-the-scenes handwringing about whether what I have to say in these posts is worth anyone’s time. If it does, you’ll read it. If it doesn’t, you won’t, right?

It’s a pretty straightforward proposition:

I promise to share some of my thoughts on publishing; on being a writer/author/speaker; on striving to be a decent human being. Will you promise to read and share the posts you like, the ones that resonate with you, the ones you think will resonate with others, too?

This is probably the place where I ask you to comment below, but instead, I invite you to engage with me on Twitter. (@S_G_Wong. Note the underscores, ok? Otherwise, a poor sap in Singapore gets all your tweets.) I know Twitter is like a trash fire in an old rusty barrel, but it’s also the platform I haunt the most frequently. Sometimes, it’s difficult to process the things I see on Twitter. Other times, it helps me feel connected to my writing community. And still other times, it’s entertaining af.

And as a matter of fact, I hope my new-and-improved blog does the same for you: challenge or connect or entertain. Sounds pretty good, eh?

All right. Let’s see what this blog can do.